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Hexakomb EMS (Event Management System) called EventGenius is an event management system (EMS) that enables event organizers to efficiently manage their events. Some of the services provided include sending out invitations, RSVP confirmation, registration, badging, travel, accommodation and communication with key stakeholders.

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  • Jesse Cyusa - October 18, 2015

i like this software

  • jado - November 24, 2015

great software!!

  • Evangelina Kayinamura - December 20, 2017

As the event manager for a large IT event, we required an event management system that enabled our client to seamlessly send invitations, receive RSVPs, send out marketing messages, handle travel and accommodation. Hexakomb delivered EventGenius which not only met our requirements, but exceeded our expectations. Its interface is easy to use. It's reporting capability provides accurate information. We have since adopted EventGenius as our event management system. Congratulations to this Rwandan company, that is developing solutions to support event managers.

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Hexakomb Event Management System Core features


This feature allows Event planners to send out customized single invitation email or bulk invitation email to the invitees and track RSVP automatically on the platform.


Allow guest to do online self-service registration for all of your events, with optional guest approval workflow. After registering, guests can log-in at any time to view event details, download files, edit their profile and see their registration status.


Create badges for all event participants, The system can generate a single badge or multiple badges for all participants in one click.


Track arrival and departure information for international guests, in this way transportation will be made easy as the system can generate a lists of guest that are arriving at a specific date and time.


This feature allows international guests to search for hotels and reserve rooms. The event organizer can track blocked rooms and hotel bookings for international guests.

Hexakomb Event Management System Happy Customers says

  • RDB

    HEXAKOMB Event Management System helped us to manage Transform Africa 2015 Summit, we was able to send over 1000 Invitations Electronically and RSVP without hustle, Online participant registration was super awesome, over 2000 local guest registered through HEXAKOMB EMS. With the dashboard and statistics features in place, we was able track everything in real time.

    RDB Management - RDB

  • Transform Africa Summit 2015

    Transform Africa Summit 2015 International and Local guest participants Registration was made possible by HEXAKOMB Event Management System, We really appreciate the great work.

    Transform Africa summit 2015 - GoR & ITU